Myfiosgateway Login & Router Setup Guide for 2020

Myfiosgateway is one of the top 5 most powerful gateway routers available in the entire world, especially, United States Of America. Because this is the gateway which permits making use of the Internet through Wireless Network, Ethernet, Cables, etc.

Today, we are going to help you from Myfiosgateway Login to Password Change, Password Reset, Hide your wifi network, reset your router and pretty much everything in between. We will also discuss the importance of using various other services such as Pi-Hole, etc.

Myfiosgateway router is actually for those who are using the FIOS network connection by Verizon. According to people’s survey, it is the best for managing FIOS services.

What Is

The official website address, can be used to manage your network connection online. If you want to deal with the IP addresses, allow or disallow devices and to change the WPS settings, DCP and DHCP settings for your connection, you can use the online portal which we are currently talking about.

You may have to login with your credentials such as default login credentials which you can find below the box.

This official fiosgateway portal allows you manage a lot of advanced settings such as Firewall, Parental Controls and get verizon help as well.

Myfiosgateway Login Instructions

If you wish to login to your myfiosgateway router to manage connections, passwords or to deal with technical stuff such as DCP, DHCP & IP settings, kindly follow the instructions shared below.

Step 1: Connect your device (Laptop preffered) to Verizon FIOS Network, from which you would like to login and manage things. You can use the wireless network (Wifi), Local Area Network (LAN), Cable, etc.

Step 2: Open a web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. Type “” without quotes and hit enter.

Myfiosgateway login

Step 3: Enter the Username & Password to login. You can find the login details on the sticker of your router box.

Myfiosgateway password

Step 4: Finally, tap “Log In”, sit back and relax.

Congrats! you have successfully logged in. You can now easily change password and deal with many other things which we are going to cover in this article right away.

How To Change Myfiosgateway Password

It is highly suggested to change the password of Myfiosgateway at least once a month to save your network from wifi stealing issues, etc. That is the only reason why the network providers suggest us to keep the hard to remember password which is highly impossible to tackle.

So, here is the password changing guide for myfiosgateway wifi router you may be looking.

1. Connect your computer to verizon fios wireless connection using myfiosgateway wireless router.

2. Enter in the URL field of the web browser that you have opened on your laptop or desktop.

3. Enter the username and password as instructed above to login to the portal first.

Myfiosgateway router settings

4. Navigate to Wireless Settings and tap Wap2 button (important step).

Myfiosgateway router password change

5. Scroll down a bit, till you find out the menu “Authentication Method”.

change password

You can set your password now! it’s the best and easiest method to change wifi password of myfiosgateway.

Myfiosgateway Password Not Working [Fixed]

There are chances that your wifi network results few errors such as “Windows Can’t Connect To This Network”, “Password Incorrect”, etc.

You will see these kind of errors after a password change in general. We have shared what exactly you need to follow in such a situation.

  1. Forget the Wifi network on your Laptop or Mobile Phone or a Smart TV.
  2. Restart your Myfiosgateway router box.
  3. Search for the Wifi Network on your device now again.
  4. Tap the network and enter the “Current Password” to get connected.

This will solve the issue most of the times.

Is Myfiosgateway Down?

I guess you might have come across a similar message as shown below at least once in a lifetime.

myfiosgateway down

It doesn’t mean that the website is down. You will see this kind of issue if you are trying to open the portal from a different network connection other than Verizon wireless network. Sometimes you may this type of error while using the VPN, disconnecting the VPN will help you access the portal right away.

Netgear Router Port Forwarding On Myfiosgateway

This is little advanced stuff I guess,

If you wish you use the port forward facility on myfios gatway portal to any of your favorite destination such as Netgear, you can do that by following below guidelines.

1. Login to the portal as instructed above with your login credentials as a first step.

2. Scroll down till you see the option “Port Forwarding” as shown in the image below, tap that option.

port forwarding

3. Under create new port forwarding rule, choose “Home” or any other option you wish to forward.

netgear router port forwarding myfiosgateway

4. On the right hand side (forward to) choose “Netgear” from the drop down list.

5. Finally, save settings.

That’s it, this way you can port forward to any router connection such as AT&T, Apple iChat, Bay VPN, etc.

If you wish you limit the available bandwidth from portal, you can could actually do that in under 2 minutes by following the tips mentioned in this discussion board.

How To Reset Myfiosgateway Wifi Router?

If you feel the connection is not secure or there are issues with wifi connectivity to new devices, resetting fios router will help you a lot.

1. Press and Hold “Red Reset Button” which you can find at the back side of the router box.

reset myfiosgateway wifi router

2. Reset will take couple of seconds to finish, router box will be restarted once the reset is finished.

3. Open the web browser on your laptop or desktop.

4. Go to on your pc.

5. Please enter the default username and password of the verizon fios router and hit login.

Please follow the on-screen instructions to setup your wifi network from the beginning now. Once you have setup the things, you can set your custom password as instructed above.

How To Fix Myfiosgateway Not Secure Error?

Nothing much, there might be an issue with the website’s ssl certificate. It is quite natural that the ssl certificate gets revoked sometimes and there won’t be any other issues apart from that.

If you feel this is not secure, you are completely wrong. You can also use the http version of the portal to avoid not secure error.

1. Open the web browser on your mac or windows or linux desktop.

2. Go to and hit enter.

3. Login to the portal with your admin username and password.

That’s it! kindly note that you are using the http version and not https version to avoid not secure error. There is not other difference that this, features and settings will be same.

Conclusion is the official portal for the myfiosgateway router which is hosted and managed by Verizon wireless network. We have shared the detailed instructions to login to the portal, change password and also reset the router. We have also written help instructions to fix various errors that you can follow right now to enjoy uninterrupted wifi services on all of your devices.